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Dr. Jaggery’s products are designed specifically to reflect our twin emphasis on taste and the customer’s personal wellness. Check out our gustatory gamut by clicking on the icons below!

Our Commitment to Quality and Taste

Dr. Jaggery combines traditional knowledge with modern trends to give a whole new dimension to the World of Jaggery. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, which is why we are committed to ensure that every product we offer you is of the highest quality and brings a smile to your face.

Our Products

In our goal to bring a new dimension to the World of Jaggery and fundamentally change how you experience this sweet delight, Dr. Jaggery offers a gamut of products, ranging from Immunity Booster Jaggery to Mouth Freshener Jaggery. Our products reflect not only our innovative methods to revolutionise Jaggery, but also the undying commitment and hard-work of the Indian farmer. It is for this reason that every product that we offer is of the highest quality, designed specifically to cater to your needs and to bring you a (sugary) satisfaction.

GUR-AHAR: Natural Sugarcane Jaggery (750g)

Rs. 199.00

GUR-AMBIKA: Triphala+ Jaggery Powder (350g)

Rs. 299.00

GUR-AMRITA: Giloy+ Jaggery Powder (350g)

Rs. 299.00

GUR-ANANDA: Chai Masala Jaggery Powder (350g)

Rs. 299.00

Our Recipes

At Dr. Jaggery, our gustatory gamut of gur includes everything- from healthy liquid jaggery and white sugar replacements, and from immunity boosters to mouth fresheners. Check out Dr. Jaggery’s delectable delights using the icon below!
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In today’s times of modern day urban living, work related stress, lack of physical exercise, lack of time, is causing us to neglect what we consume and put in our body. Take the example of refined sugar – one of the staple ingredients in almost everyone’s life. Excessive sugar consumption in today’s modern day busy living has lead to increased risk of a variety of chronic diseases..

About Us

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  Triphala powder is a plant-based detoxifier and digestive tonic. It is traditionally used in...

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