Eternal Power Of Liquid Jaggery

by Dr.Jaggery Team on January 16, 2021

Liquid jaggery or kakvi is abundantly familiar in non-urban Indian households. With the onset of winters, especially, when there is a change in the dietary staple, it is used for a myriad of purposes. However, it has never been actively replaced sugar. It has always been considered a supplementary additive or sweetener. In that sense, sugar has a sense of hegemony in the kitchen. However, that is precisely what we wish to change at Dr. Jaggery. There is no reason why an unhealthy food like sugar should occupy a monopoly over the sweet detecting parts of our taste buds.  

Liquid jaggery is a simple liquid that we have a different take on by infusing it with different essential oils that can be deployed in recipes. No one has really done it in the past. Only after a lot of trials did we get the combinations perfectly right and we are so excited to share it with you – our Dr. Jaggery community. Be it adding a bit of cardamom, or elaichi flavour to your halwa or, the potent combination of nutmeg and ginger you can use in any concoction (kadha) to keep winter cough away. Or maybe using either of these to eat with a plain paratha or poori, we ensure that you get a perfectly sweet bite with a kick of the flavour with it, all in a perfect harmony. Instead of putting a boiling a cardamom or ginger in your tea, you can simply add our Gur Ananta or Gur Hitakara to get the same flavour respectively.  

The ease of using a liquid sweet substance in so many recipes that it can be employed in, means lesser preparation times and a different flavour which carries many more nutritious ingredients than simple syrup. The deep, earthly taste with the modern touch of simple flavours elevates a seemingly simple looking brown liquid to a versatile product that you will find yourself reaching for often. Moreover, when you do develop and get accustomed to the taste, what will come in handy are the health benefits that this carries. Unlike clogging arteries, this sweet substance helps in blood purification, increases haemoglobin and is very easily digested in the body due to the basic elements that it is made out of. Moreover, it keeps lethargy away and refreshes the body and mind due to its quick absorption that provides a sustained peak in energy levels in the body. 

Making tall claims, however, is very simple. It can be dismissed as mere puffery. However, an objective and undisputed claim is that our liquid jaggery is better from a health perspective when compared to any sugar syrup. The infusion of natural flavour and the lack of unnecessary (and usually unhealthy) additives means that we provide a perfectly organic, simple and healthy product that does exactly as it sets out to- provide a mixture of health and sweet flavour. We are sure it will become an often-used product in any household and can be employed in a myriad of ways, limited only by the creativity of the chef in you.

Written By:  Dr. G.P.Rao
Principal Scientist,IARI,PUSA,New Delhi

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