Jaggery and Health

by Dr.Jaggery Team on January 16, 2021

An integral part of the Ayurveda system of medication in ancient India, Jaggery has been widely famous for its biological properties that assist in the treatment of numerous health issues. Jaggery, popularly called ‘Gur’, is a sugar-rich food product extensively used in Ayurveda medicines to provide relief for concerns regarding gastric acidity, biliary diseases, blood purification, etc. To further ensure the consistency of its medicinal properties, even the process of making jaggery has historically been kept simple and efficient. However, recent advancements in the chemical industry and the relative lack of consumer awareness about the hazards excessive use of chemicals have led to an increase in the use of chemical clarificants while manufacturing jaggery.

At Gur Junction’s Dr. Jaggery, chemically-processed jaggery is not used. As the first company to follow a novel pattern of focusing solely on quality jaggery production, all of the products have been manufactured naturally with utmost emphasis laid on hygiene and quality. Whether you’re a health-conscious sweet tooth or quite simply, a jaggery-lover, indulge in the wide variety of new options offered by Dr. Jaggery. It boasts a scientifically researched range of jaggery products combined with other highly-recommended herbs and supplements like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Giloy and Cardamom - the perfect investment for maintaining proper well-being in today’s taxing individual lifestyles as well as for healing or providing relief for a number of ailments.

Adding on to the practices of folk medicine, which advise the consumption of jaggery, researchers nowadays also suggest including it as an essential item in your daily diet or as a dietary supplement. With some of the most unique ingredient blends ever, Dr. Jaggery provides a product flavour suitable for everyone’s requirements. Not just for regular consumers of jaggery, Dr. Jaggery also offers the same in liquid and powdered form to ensure overall consumption convenience.

Dr. Jaggery’s products are specially manufactured by following and modernising the Ayurveda procedures and concepts of medicine. Dr. Jaggery’s products can be used in every day consumption with hot and cold teas, juices or for making those special favourite festive sweets or can be also used as an energy and immunity boosting drink. The diverse nature of ingredients throughout the Dr. Jaggery range allows you to enjoy it in both raw and cooked form. 

Some of the key areas in which these products help include muscle strains, migraines, flatulence and premenstrual syndrome, since jaggery has muscle relaxants that effectively reduce abdominal pain and tackle mood swings. Along with quick energy drinks, there are various other home remedies for daily use to deal with common colds and hiccups, which can easily be prepared with Dr. Jaggery’s products. These Gur products not only boost immunity and keep the body warm but also offer additional health benefits of other ingredients with which they have been combined.

With Dr. Jaggery, you can certainly be assured of the quality and taste of Gur delicacies, without any added guilt or worry about the health impacts of this natural-sweetener. And with spring just around the corner, the jaggery processed now would be even fresher, making Dr. Jaggery products a must-have for everyone!

Written By:  Aniket Chauhaan
Co founder, Dr Jaggery

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