Significance of Value Addition and Fortification in Jaggery : A New Health Initiative

by Dr.Jaggery Team on August 25, 2021

G.P. Rao 
Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110012, India

Priyanka Singh
Sugar Chemistry Division, U.P. Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahanpur-242001, Uttar Pradesh, India

Aniket Chauhaan
NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, 500101, Telangana, India

Scientific Correspondence Journal
RASSA Journal of Science for Society 3(1): 15-21, April 2021

Jaggery, commonly known as ‘gur’ is unrefined sugar available in powdered and solid form being utilized by people in South East Asia and Colombia. It is used both in sweet and salty dishes in many Indian and Asian cuisines. It is reported to have several nutrition rich, medicinal and health promoting properties (Srivastava and Singh, 2020,Singh, 2019). It keeps the body warm and prevents common cold. In addition to traditional dishes, jaggery is also used in making various types of candies, cakes and desserts. It is commonly used in villages because of its easy availability, economical and considered as rich source of energy. Apart from this, it is also given to cattle for increasing milk and health related issues. In comparison to white sugar, jaggery is slowly digested in the body system and gives sustainable energy for a long time (Srivastava and Singh, 2020).

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