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As our ancient wisdom says, we are all made up of PanchMahaboota – the 5 elements. Everything in this universe is the magic and play of the 5 elements. Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth.

The advent of the 21st century has brought with itself the blight of sedentary lifestyles. Stress, urgency, lack of physical exercise, and the overall hullabaloo has reduced the concept of eating to a mere perfunctory activity. We have started neglecting what we consume and how we consume, but this negligence comes with a heavy price. Unchecked consumption of modern day products, such as refined sugar, comes with its own host of problems, some of which may be as serious and chronic as diabetes.

Like any breakthrough in the Technological Era, our idea- of transforming the age old recipes of jaggery to suit our modern needs- was the result of an epiphany. One day over family dinner, as we discussed healthy lifestyles, we asked ourselves- “What changes could we make to make our lives healthier and more optimal?” It was in this moment that we realized how central refined sugar had become in our lives. This question prompted us to see if we could replace refined sugar with any other equally-tasty-yet-healthier alternative. It was during this search that we came across some good old jaggery. As we started consuming jaggery in place of sugar, we realized that we have been missing out on some actual Elixir. Not only did jaggery give us all more energy, the energy so given was also extremely long-lasting. Thus, we began our little experiment.

As we began our experiment, we sought to find out the true nature of jaggery, and the extent of its versatility. We searched through various age-old recipes to see if jaggery could be consumed in more forms in more permutations and combinations. To our surprise, we found out that jaggery was the Rajnikant of ancient Indian foods, and could be consumed in innumerable forms, to suit a plethora of purposes. Therefore, as a family, we decided to put this knowledge to use and take the concept of jaggery to a whole new level.

As we started the process of creating Dr. Jaggery, given the personal and familial nature in which this idea was conceived, we made a commitment to ourselves- to never compromise on the quality of the products we sell to our customers, and treat every such customer as our own family. Our commitment to quality goes beyond standard, run-of-the-mill commercial requirements. Our mission makes us take every stride possible to ensure that our products are not only delectable, but also infused with love- that which you get from an affectionate joint-family. This idea forms the ethos of Dr. Jaggery, and serves as the inspiration of our motto –"Swad Bhi. Sehat Bhi."

Dr. Jaggery’s mission is to be a force of good in this world, and to bring to people’s lives a healthy, tasty, and natural alternative to refined sugar.

Though we have written about the start of our journey in great detail, our story has just begun. Welcome to the Dr. Jaggery Family. Let us make this story a happy one, and help it enamour the minds, souls, and most importantly- the tongues, of millions of households in our country.. With love,

Made in India – for India and the world.
Dr. Jaggery’s Founding Team

Dr. Jaggery Founding Team

Mr. Aniket Chauhaan


Aniket sees Dr. Jaggery at the intersection of entrepreneurship, community upliftment through job creation, youth and women empowerment. This dream fuels his passion to build the Dr. Jaggery brand and help it reach every household in India and rest of the world. Aniket is currently pursuing law from Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, one of the most prestigious Law Institutes in the country. Since his formative years, he has been interested in diverse fields and particularly on how entrepreneurship can add value the community and nation building. Although he is currently focused on his academic journey, he loves to interact with people with varied backgrounds and of all ages, listen to feedback and incorporate them into various aspects of the Dr. Jaggery brand. He believes in the power of youth and has a dream to serve the community, nation and the world by way of entrepreneurship and creating further opportunities with Dr. Jaggery, as it moves from the farm to the hand of every mom, dad, kid, young adult in the household and the kitchen of the nation and the world – a healthy, nutritious and tasty everyday consumable product.

Mr. Vivek Singh


Vivek loves spending his time in nature with family and friends. Over family interactions on the importance of healthy lifestyle, diet and living life in synch with the five elements, Vivek’s dreams got crystalized, of bringing the pearls of knowledge from ancient wisdom to our modern living. Dr. Jaggery as a ‘force for good’ is a step in the realization of that dream. Swad Bhi, Sehat Bhi translated as Refined Taste and Optimal Health– is something Vivek and Dr. Jaggery team believes in and stands behind. Vivek Singh is a self-made businessman with over 20 years of experience as a distributor for various companies. He began his business independently in the year 2000 and has since seen exponential growth. In the beginning, he started out as a distributor for VIP Industries Ltd., which includes brands such as VIP, Skybag, Aristocrat and Alpha. He oversees the distribution of the company in regions of Western and Central UP. Following this, he also diversified and established a successful distribution of Philips LED lights in which he operated and oversaw sizeable volumes for the company. His last venture was in L&T Electric and Automation Division which is also seeing terrific growth.

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